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Click on that “God’s Animals April 2018” bold section above to read or save the book. There are no advertisements or photos or videos so the download should not take too long.

Last year I promised to put the book on the website, but my agent had sent it to more publishers and so I gave them a year to look at it.

Now I see that was a mistake, or at least, not God’s plan.

So without further delay, you can find the book here, now.

I do hope to create an index soon. The chapters are topical (see the Table of Contents) so you can likely find a topic easily enough, but until the index is done, you will not be able to find specific authors cited nor every reference to a topic which may pop up in unexpected places.

This book is now a ministry not a normal publication. I offer it for free use to anyone who wants to read it, and feel free to email it to anyone. Just do not pretend you wrote it (that is called plagiarism).

Note that my worldview is that the Bible is God’s Word, inspired and true as a rule for our lives. If you do not view the Bible as God’s words for your personal life and the lives of humanity in general, but view your own opinions as your only rules, you won’t agree with God’s Animals. Some modern “Christian” animal rightist vegans teach that wicked gluttonous priests wrote the Old Testament and influenced the New Testament to promote meat-eating. I do not attack vegans per se, and view veganism as an ideal which I do not practice, but if you are willing to attack the Bible as untrue in order to promote your own agenda, you will not like this book. I try to teach what the Bible says, not what I want it to say. I do not rule over God, God rules over me. I believe that Jesus owns the Earth. Animals do not have innate rights just as humans do not have innate rights. We both have whatever rights God says we have, so it is not animal rights that command my respect for animals, but God’s right to demand my obedience and stewardship over the creation.

That said, I do attempt to explain the different views. This book is meant to persuade by teaching and logic and discussion, it is not a polemic sharing only one view and belittling all others. My method of learning and teaching is to study every view and then whittle out the errors. I spent the last thirty years writing this book. I went to seminary to learn Bible study. I went to library school to learn research and organizational skills. Then I wrote five other books as a warm up.

Animal Rights: a Subject Guide, Bibliography, and Internet Companion was a librarian tool. I read every book ever written in English about animal rights and welfare, then commented on most of them to help libraries decide which may be helpful to their collections.

People Promoting and People Opposing Animal Rights was a book of interviews with animal welfarists and rightists. My purpose was to show what sort of ideas and goals motivated activists to help and/or utilize animals.

Animals are the Issue was an edited volume updating the library literature with the latest books on animal rights and welfare.

War Elephants was my true history of elephants in warfare. I love elephants and needed a break from the animal welfare topic.

Animals in the Military was a sequel to the true history of warfare topic with dogs, pigeons, dolphins, horses, etc.

I wanted people to recognize that I have researched every aspect of animal rights, welfare, and history, in coming to the conclusions of the book God’s Animals. A pastor might be accused of understanding only the religious angles. I understand the non-religious viewpoints also. I present them all and hope to show that the Bible authority presents the correct views by comparing and contrasting them to human views.


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I also have a Facebook page called God’s Animals Living Abundantly. That is more of a happy friendly page sharing cute and funny animal videos, mainly. Then we have a discussion and prayer group called the God’s Animals Living Abundantly group, also on Facebook.

I pray that the book will be helpful to you!

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