Animals in Heaven study sheet

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Animals in Heaven worksheet of Scriptures and arguments

Problem verses (implying that God has no interest in animals?)
1) I Corinthians 7:9-11 bad translation, do not muzzle the ox (or church workers)
2) Luke 8:26-39 the Gadarene Swine killed by demons, Jesus doesn’t care?
3) Ecclesiastes 3:18-21 Solomon asks do human souls go up and animals down?

God views animals as having value (they are not valueless)
1) Genesis 8:1 God remembers the animals in the Ark, not just Noah’s family
2) Exodus 12, Passover blood protects humans and firstborn animals from angel
3) Numbers 22 Balaam rebuked by donkey and angel for beating animal
4) Psalm 50:10-11 all creatures domestic and wild belong to Me
5) Psalm 145:8-10, 15-16 God’s compassion to all of His living creation
6) Jonah 4:10-11 God spares Ninevah for many people and animals
7) Luke 12:6-7, 24, sparrows and ravens have value (less than humans)
8) Matthew 12:11-12 sheep have value (less than humans)

God makes covenants with animals and including animals
1) Genesis 9:8-17 God’s rainbow covenant everlasting with man and animals
2) Hosea 2:18-19 covenant with wild animals safety in new earth

God already has animals in Heaven
1) The Cherubim, angelic creatures called “living creatures” all thru Bible
2) Horses, II Kings 2:11 & 2:17, Psalm 68:17, Rev. 19:11-16
3) Eagle flying and speaking Rev. 8:13

Future with animals implied in New Heavens and New Earth, restoration not destruction of world
1) Romans 8:18-25
2) Mark 16:15 great commission for “all creation”
3) Colossians 1:15-20 Jesus reconciles all things
4) Rev. 5:13 every creature in universe praising God
5) Isa. 11:6-9 lion lays down with lamb… (Isa. 30, 60, 65 etc…)
6) Isa. 34:13-17
7) Isa 43:18-21 jackals and ostriches will glorify Me
8) Psalm 8 dominion of Messiah over earth and animals
9) Psalm 104:29-30 animal resurrection?
10) I Cor. 15 especially 21-22, all that die are also raised
11) Acts 3:21 God will restore everything

Theodicy, the question of animal suffering, will God recompense the animals for undeserved harms?

Lovability: God created us with love for animals, why, if only temporary? Implies also He loves them

Happiness in Heaven, Billy Graham and Martin Luther, if animals in future improves our happiness then of course animals will be there

Creation permanence: everything God made will last forever, not temporary junk…

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