Animals in Heaven study sheet

worksheet heaven 2019 Animals in Heaven worksheet of Scriptures and arguments Problem verses (implying that God has no interest in animals?) 1) I Corinthians 7:9-11 bad translation, do not muzzle the ox (or church workers) 2) Luke 8:26-39 the Gadarene Swine killed by demons, Jesus doesn’t care? 3) Ecclesiastes 3:18-21 Solomon asks do human souls …

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Explaining “God’s Animals Living Abundantly”

This “blog” constitutes the first step in the planned creation of a non-profit organization to be called “God’s Animals Living Abundantly.” It will be an on-going process: gradually growing. The name was chosen for two reasons. God’s Animals is the title of the non-fiction book I have nearly finished writing. God’s Animals Living Abundantly is …

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